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Risk Management

Risk Management in DataPipe covers a number of modules starting with General incidents and spanning outward to injury and illness, fires, motor vehicle accidents, chemical spills, and many more modules that can monitor, and alert you to worrisome trends that will ultimately lower your organizations risk factor and maximize ROI.

Detailed Overview:  Risk management can be stated simply as setting action plans in the face of uncertainty by first understanding and issues related to risk, loss or other incident that can negatively effect your business.  Accomplishing this from an enterprise-wide level is the goal of risk management.  In larger organizations, risk management can be difficult since many companies work from the bottom up rather than the top down.  This has been a changing trend as of late as companies are starting to realize that risk management from the top down is the key to achieving an organizations top objectives.

DataPipe simply put is "risk assessment software" or "risk management" software.  It manages risk from the top down.  Utilizing a state of the art interface and sophisticated reporting, you can look at your operations in a brand new way.  And in doing so, recognize the changes that need to be made to lower risk and maximize your ROI.

More info:  If you would like additional information about this module, please contact DataPipe USA directly. An online demonstration can be set up so that you can see this module live on the screen while we discuss how you can utilize it within your organization.

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