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Certified EHR technology

Define EHR.  What is EHR?  What does EHR stand for?

EHR is an Electronic Health Record System.  The system can securely maintain all patient information, provide reporting for all aspects of the health care industry, exchange data securely with external systems and databases and provide information used to maintain the health and well-being of employees with in organizations and companies within the United States.

DataPipe is a complete EHR solution that meets all the criteria for the 2009 government stimulus program that provides money to US companies and organizations to implement these systems.


In 2009 the stimulus package has allocated roughly 20 billion dollars to assist health clinics in the united states to adopt certified EHR technology to help manage their healthcare information and record keeping.

In order to qualify for this money an organization implementing this information management software must qualify as a “meaningful EHR user”.  The criteria to become a “meaningful EHR user” is listed below  (this is subject to change over 2009 as the government determines the qualifications for distributing funds to help support implantation of data management solutions for health care in the united states).

  • The physician must use “certified EHR technology” in a meaningful manner, including electronic prescribing. The law calls for creation of a health information technology (HIT) Policy Committee, and an HIT Standards Committee. The HIT Policy Committee will focus on development of a nationwide health information infrastructure, while the HIT Standards Committee will recommend standards, implementation specifications and certification criteria. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) is to adopt an initial set of standards, implementation specifications and certification criteria before December 31, 2009.
  • The physician must demonstrate that the certified EHR technology is connected in a manner that provides for the electronic exchange of health information to improve the quality of health care, such as promoting care coordination.
  • The physician must submit information on clinical quality measures specified by HHS.

How can DataPipe EHS Software Help?

DataPipe meets all the requirements for a government certified EHR solution.   DataPipe has discrete data and reporting capabilities to provide the type of patient documentation and reporting you will need to provide to the government to prove “use” of the system.

Learn more about the DataPipe occupational health and medical records suite of modules and reporting options.  Please contact DataPipe USA today and ask to see an online demonstration of our occupational health and medical records suite.

What is CCHIT?  Define CCHIT.

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) is a private not-for-profit organization that serves as the recognized US certification authority for electronic health records (EHR) and their networks. CCHIT was founded in 2004 with support from three leading industry associations in healthcare information management and technology: the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and the National Alliance for Health Information Technology(the Alliance). In September 2005, CCHIT was awarded a 3-year contract by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop and evaluate the certification criteria and inspection process for EHRs and the networks through which they interoperate. In October 2006, HHS officially designated CCHIT as a Recognized Certification Body (RCB).[1]

Read more here:

Learn about CCHIT's certification requirements

Ask these questions before choosing a certified EHRs

What are some of the questions that a physician should ask an EHR company before purchasing its CCHIT certified product?

1. Tell me about your company. How long have you been in business? How many employees do you have doing development and offering technical service?

2. How many physician practices do you serve?  What size are they?  May I speak with a few of them?

3. How do you license your product—for a term or perpetually, by physician or user?

4. What are your maintenance or support fees? Do they cover product upgrades?

5. What are your service policies and guarantees?

6. In addition to what I can expect from CCHIT Certified interoperability, what will I pay for other desired interfaces to products or sources of information?

7. Are there third-party costs for modules or components bundled with your product? Will I need to buy some third-party products independently to make your product perform as demonstrated?

8. Tell me about your implementation and training services.  What do they cost?

9. How long will it take until my practice is successfully up and running using your product?

10. What are your plans for staying up-to-date with CCHIT’s certification requirements?



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