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EHS Software Guide

What is EHS Software?  Define EHS software.  EHS stands for Environment, Health and Safety.  This is a wide arena which can further be broken down into three main data management categories:

  1. Environment and Waste Management

  2. Occupational Health and Medical Records

  3. Industrial Hygiene and Safety

The purpose of this EHS software guide is to help explain relevant terminology, processes and pitfalls when implementing environment, health and safety software.  Because EHS can be such a vast topic simply by nature of its acronym (Environment, Health and Safety), one of the most important aspects of any software package becomes our number one bullet point.

  • A Modular Solution:  Modular systems let you pick and choose just the components you need at the time, thus saving you money.  And they let you add on down the road as your business rules and requirements change or grow.  Look for a system that has modules for every aspect of an EHS program that your organization will grow into at some point.  Some systems do one thing very well and that may be fine right now but remember, you will grow and your data collection and compliance needs will expand. Eventually you will either combine with another department which can utilize another module or your data reporting needs will require expansion.

  • Flexibility Means Power:  Can the system you choose adapt to your ever changing business rules or does your business have to change to meet the requirements of the software?  The answer to this question is very important because a software package that limits change will stifle your growth in every way.  You will want to change the way you do things from time to time and you need a system that allows you to make changes on the fly and also, add custom triggers, processes and interfaces.

  • Price - License and Maintenance Fees:  Most systems have a license or subscription fee plus a yearly maintenance fee.  The industry average for the maintenance fee is roughly 18-22% of the license fee.  DataPipe is currently at 15% and has been the lowest maintenance fee in the industry for EHS software for decades.  This is because for the most part DataPipe sits there and works and we don't get a lot of calls to our support staff.  When we do, customers talk directly to the programmers that wrote the code and get hands on and immediate, personal customer service.  Its one of our best features and the lowest price in the industry to boot.

  • Look for Longevity:  We have seen companies come and go in a year.  Even large stable companies like Oracle have come in an out of the EHS software field.  In the end DataPipe USA is the only company that has the experience and the longevity to say they really know EHS software.  January 2009 marked our 30th year doing EHS Software.  We started out in 1979 interfacing instruments and EHS data.  We were truly an EHS software company right from the get-go.  When Windows came out in the late 80s, DataPipe was released as one of the first database driven windows applications.  Since then DataPipe has undergone several technology upgrades as new frontiers have been reached in software development.  Now the latest version of DataPipe is entirely MS .NET driven.  We have been able to add innovative features that truly benefit the customer experience.  Over 30 years in the EHS software business and the one thing that our clients can say is that DataPipe just sits there and works - all the time.

  • Personal Attention - Customer Support:  Every vendor offers some form of customer support. You might get a 24-7 phone bank that will always have some teenager available to answer your call and perhaps help you with a check list or script.  You might get an operator or some nice music that you can listen to for 30 minutes while you wait.  There is no one in the industry who can come close to the level of personal attention that DataPipe USA provides its customers.  Ask them - we encourage it.  We have no phone bank.  We have no music for you to listen to.  We simply connect you to our most experience developers who most likely wrote the portion of the program that you are calling about.  We work with you on your schedule and you get connected right away.  We work diligently to answer all your questions until the problem is resolved.  We are very proud of this effort and we challenge anyone to find a better level of customer support and client satisfaction.

DataPipe is a complete EH&S information management software solution.  If you are interested in taking a look at our modules or want to learn more about occupational health software and the various modules within that suite or if you want to look at industrial hygiene software and the various modules that make up that suite, please review our modules page.

DataPipe USA Inc. (KAI) is the leading US and Global provider of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Risk Management software. The company, headquartered in Butler, New Jersey was founded in 1979 as the first EHS Software developer on the scene, integrating EHS instruments long before PCs were on the market.  It wasn't until 1989 when the very fist windows based EHS software application - DataPipe - was released (and it really was one of the first windows based software applications - period).  Since then KAI has grown to be the premier EHS software provider with a global client base representing companies of all sizes from every major industry sector.


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