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Modify any field on any form with the Form Designer (TM)

The problem with off-the-shelf software is that you are forced to either change your business rules to meet the requirements of the software package or pay a lot of money to customize your new system to meet your business needs.

Either solution is not acceptable.  And for the more than 30 years we have been doing EH&S software, we have heard our customers tell us that they want it done a certain way.  The one consistent thing we have learned from every client is that no two clients want it done the same way.

This is why we released the DataPipe Form Designer (TM) tool.  This tool is designed to allow you to make massive changes to forms in DataPipe.  You do NOT have to come back to us for costly custom changes.  And you do not have to wait in line behind two years of projects to get access to your IT department. 

Using the Form Designer you can actually make these changes yourself with no programming knowledge required.

You can make any field on any form required.  There are many other changes you can make to forms using our easy-to-use, point-and-click interface.

Typically this ability would be assigned to an administrator of the system and not anyone in your organization. 

An administrator can load any DataPipe form, alter it in any way you like and save it under a new name.  Then you can assign that new form a user, a group of users or globally to all users in the system.  The next time they log in, they will see the form they were assigned to.  It's that simple.

Some of the things you can modify on a form using the easy point-and-click interface are:

  • Change labels on forms

  • Change colors of fields, labels, text, boarders etc.

  • Make a field required so it has to have data in it before the record can be saved

  • Make a field invisible so it is not seen on the form any more

  • Move a field and its label to another location on the form

  • Validate a field by giving it a look-up.  This way only validated data can be entered.

  • Add new fields (this can be done quickly with "Items" - ask us about this) to a form

  • Modify/Edit the list of items that appears in a drop down list.

  • Add tool-tip help to any field so your users know what to do there.

  • Change the tab order of fields

  • Change the language of a form

  • Plus MUCH MORE (see it all in an online demo)

And then there are some things you can easily do in Form Designer that do require programming.  For instance, if you want to create custom condition-based triggers that fire based on the conditions you set, you can add the code for this trigger right into pre-defined fields in Form Designer.  We make it easy for you to assign this code to any field or form.

So for instance, let's say that you enter the data for an injury that occurred on site.  You can have a post-save trigger fire after the record is saved that sends an email with an attached report to a supervisor letting them know that an injury has been recorded and that follow-up action is required for an inspection/audit to determine the cause of the injury and a corrective action to take place.  You can drive condition based triggers out of the Form Designer.


Figure 1:  Form Designer  - Injury and Illness Form Loaded.  See explanation text below.


In this example, the Case Status field is being modified in the Form Designer tool. The field named status was selected and then the properties for that field were opened up on the right hand side.  The combo data property on the right has been selected, bringing up this dialog box.  Right now the choices that will appear to the user under status are Open and Closed.  A third line can be easily added to this dialog box that says, Unknown.  Then when this form is saved, the user would see all three choice for this drop down.  This is an example of how easy it is to modify forms. Notice that no programming knowledge was necessary.

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