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Organizational Structure

DataPipe is designed to mimic the precise organizational structure adopted by your organization. In doing so your data has meaning and reports can be designed to make full use of your data. This powerful feature of DataPipe needs to be setup once during implementation. And since everyone’s org structure is different you will need to define your org structure prior to installation.  We can assist in this process and help you implement it within DataPipe.

DataPipe has up to 10 fields that can be dedicated to matching an organization’s actual structure of hierarchical management-responsibility levels and/or physical locations (i.e. region over facility over department over rooms, etc).


Figure 1:  Out-of-the-Box  (see below for configured example)

This out-of-the-box org structure is UNCONFIGURED (see below for configured sample)


Figure 1 shows an out-of-the-box un-configured organization structure.  During the implementation phase, you would configure the org structure to exactly match the structure of your own company.  You only need to configure this once during implementation so that your data has real meaning and can be used to generate powerful reports.

Each organization can decide on the names of these fields and which is arranged under which. That is, how your divisions, plants, sites, areas, departments, jobs, warehouses, clinics, etc. are associated. The basic arrangement only needs to be set up once, but DataPipe gives you the ability to define different arrangements for different date ranges, so you can deal with reorganizations or other structure changes when necessary.


Figure 2:  Configured (sample company)

This org structure has been custom configured for this imaginary company.


Figure 2 shows an example of a configured org structure.  This is a sample company that has region as their top org followed by division and facility.  Facility is broken up into area and department.  Areas is broken up into room and manufacturing cell. As a whole separate structure but parallel to the first one, they have line-of-business over cost code.  So you can see how the structure can be set up precisely to match your organizations structure .

Of course, custom labels and access, as described above, apply; so different users could see different subsets of the same structure, with different field labels, as appropriate. User-specific versions of forms and database “views”, combined with the ability to customize organizational set up, provides unparalleled system flexibility in an off-the-shelf data management system.

And since every company does things differently, this means that DataPipe will run - your way.  You do not have to change to meet the software's needs.  The software can adapt to meet yours.

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