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There are three primary classes of reports available within DataPipe: Ad Hoc, Crystal and Advanced.  Many modules come with ready-made Advanced Reports. For example, the Injury & Illness module includes the OSHA 300 Log and Summary report as well as the OSHA 301 Incident report.

Ad-Hoc Reports

Ad Hoc Reports offer simple “point and click” capability where the user defines the columns of output by clicking on the fields to be included. Available features include:

  • Basic statistics (averaging, maximum, standard deviation, count, etc.).

  • Sorting output by multiple fields.

  • Filtering output data.

  • Grouping capabilities (by any fields).

  • Ability to define calculated columns.

  • Formatting capabilities.

  • Selectable output designations.

  • And joining data from multiple related modules or forms.

Crystal and Advanced Reports

These report types offer powerful tools for combining any and all information in DataPipe. Crystal Reports™ is a well-known reporting tool provided by Business Objects. DataPipe has a built-in interface for running reports developed with this tool, as well as for running reports in the form of compiled .NET executables (dll or exe files). However, there are additional capabilities for advanced reporting from DataPipe without the need for third-party applications. Any text editor can be used to produce report files in the VB.NET, C#.NET or JScript.NET language, as long as a standard format is followed. The reporting interface in every DataPipe form will also run reports of this type.


Advanced reports are the most powerful reports available in DataPipe.  Advanced Reports can output to other applications like Microsoft Excel, or send emails. They can also insert information into word processing files or into graphics and statistical programs. We provide the programming code for developing Advanced Reports and additional tools and training courses are available. We can also develop reports for you, if you would like us to do it, but we don’t hold you hostage to that option. You are free to develop your own reports.  You own your data and you have complete access to the database so reports are open for you to develop as the need arises.


Available features include:

  • Configure report output for local report forms.

  • OLE Automation is available for communicating with other Windows applications that support it, like Word, Excel and user preferred form-generating software.

  • DataPipe can fill in or even draw detailed reports and insert information into word processing files, spreadsheets, graphics and statistical programs, etc.

  • Built-in pre-developed reports are available depending upon the modules selected, OSHA 300, OSHA 301, First Report of Injury, Hazardous Waste Report, EPA Form R, Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest, SARA Tier I and II, Workers Compensation, Family and Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA).

More Than Just Reports

Additionally there are other things you can do with interactive programming including Special Programming Features, Automated Processes and Utility Functions:

  • Import and export capabilities.

  • Automated "triggers" initiate e-mail messaging, scheduled processes, off-hour downloads and import/export functions.

  • HTML output for web distribution and linking.

  • Programming capabilities (Basic-like with database extensions)

  • Access to low-level Windows Development Kit (SDK) calls.

  • Support for telecommunications and local or remote serial devices, like bar code readers and scanners.

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